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New Album Released on the 24th of February

Goodbye: Enough Z'Nuff

The Brand new live album and DVD from the former Enuff Z’nuff songwriter.

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Live on the ‘Magical History Tour 2013’

  1. For Now
  2. Holly Wood Ya
  3. These Daze
  4. You Got A Hold Of Me (Featuring by Baz Francis)
  5. The Beast
  6. Rainy Day
  7. You And I
  8. Fly High Michelle
  9. If I Can't Have You
  10. There Goes My Heart
  11. New Thing (Featuring Baz Francis)
  12. Time To Let You Go
  13. Someday (Featuring Baz Francis)
  14. Goodbye (Featuring Baz Francis)


  1. My Dear Dream (Montage/New Recording)
  2. I’ve Fallen In Love Again (Clip - Lucca)
  3. Daddy's Girl (Live - Cremona)
  4. Donnie riding a bike (Clip - Ipswich)
  5. Altered States (Live - Ahoghill)
  6. I Touch Myself (Clip - Englefield Green)
  7. Black Coffee In Bed (Clip - Lucca)
  8. These Daze (Live - Ahoghill)
  9. Donnie & Baz admiring a John Lennon street drawing (Clip - Camden)
  10. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Clip - Camden)
  11. Cat scratch (Clip - Englefield Green)
  12. That’s What Love Is (Live - Englefield Green)
  13. Sanibel Island (Live - Englefield Green)
  14. Tea-making with Baz Francis (Clip - Englefield Green)
  15. Barrie Anne Lost His Baby (Clip - Englefield Green)
  16. Time To Let You Go (Live - Englefield Green)
  17. Fuck off! (Clip - Camden)
  18. Home Tonight (Live - Englefield Green)
  19. Saying farewell (Clip - Englefield Green)
  20. Goodbye (Live - Englefield Green)
  21. New Thing (Intro)
  22. New Thing (Music Video)
  23. Fly High Michelle (Intro)
  24. Fly High Michelle (Music Video)
  25. She Wants More (Intro)
  26. She Wants More (Music Video)
  27. Baby Loves You (Intro)
  28. Baby Loves You (Music Video)
  29. Mother's Eyes (Intro)
  30. Mother's Eyes (Music Video)
  31. Right By Your Side (Intro)
  32. Right By Your Side (Music Video)
  33. You Got A Hold Of Me (Intro)
  34. You Got A Hold Of Me (Music Video)
  35. Bullet From A Gun (Intro)
  36. Bullet From A Gun (Music Video)
  37. Life Is Strange (Intro)
  38. Life Is Strange (Music Video)
  39. Wheels (Intro)
  40. Wheels (Music Video)
  41. Freak (Intro)
  42. Freak (Music Video)
  43. There Goes My Heart (Intro)
  44. There Goes My Heart (Music Video)
  45. Credits
(Featuring by Baz Francis)

Magical History Tour